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YipTel Video Solutions
Polycom RealPresence® Cloud AXIS® Video Conferencing

YipTel Video Solutions


Recent studies have shown basic business operations to improve as much as 40% with video integration (sales conversion rates for example increasing at this amount). Additionally, travel and other such expenses are also proven improvement areas for corporations looking to reduce costly operations.

Cloud Video

Non-Proprietary, HIPAA Compliant Video Solutions – Powered by Polycom CLOUD AXIS

The truth is, video solutions are quickly becoming a commodity for businesses to operate with for numerous beneficial reasons. Our core focus emphasizes consolidating and streamlining a business’ utilization of video, voice, and internet with one simple monthly rate. As video can often times be an expensive investment, we conveniently offer the service without the high costs of equipment ownership, maintenance, and management.

Words or an email only delivers about 7% of intended communication. If you use the phone you add another 38% but body language adds 55% and that is why video services are so critical in internal and external communications. YipTel is a proven leader in the market when it comes specifically to delivery of video technologies. We guarantee an increase of productivity while still reducing costs and improving communications.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

With the increase in bandwidth availability and the need to communicate faster and more efficiently, Video calling and Video solutions are growing exponentially. Words or an email only delivers about 7% of intended communication. If you use the phone you add another 38 % but body language adds 55% and that is why video services are so critical in internal and external communications. YipTel is leading the market in delivering Video Technologies that will reduce costs and improve your communications.

Social Media Integration

YipTel is the first carrier to deliver a presence-aware global directory that integrates Facebook, Skype, and Google Talk contacts. This enables you to IM your contacts to join a secure impromptu meeting. YipTel is also unique in its ability to connect to existing video systems including Polycom, Cisco, Tandberg, LifeSize, and other H323 and SIP standard devices. With Cloud AXIS® you can invite mobile/tablet users, laptop users, and desktop users making it easy to extend video collaborative experiences anytime, anywhere.

Safe & Secure

YipTel provides the highest levels of encryption, allowing you to communicate in a safe and secured environment. YipTel is HIPPA compliant and offers the perfect solution for medical offices looking to provide billable personal interactions with their clients.

YipTel delivers static Virtual Meeting Rooms that include unlimited access with the option to upgrade to Cloud Axis. Polycom RealPresence® Cloud AXIS® Suite lets you easily arrange future meetings by automatically sending emails and calendar invitations, including a web link for simple click-to-connect convenience. Comprehensive host control features include high resolution content sharing that can also be initiated by anyone in the meeting; along with group chat.

One-to-One Video Calling

Extend the power of Voice Calling with Integrated Video

Video Desktop

Video Desktop

The YipTel Desktop Client delivers integrated video calling from your computer. This allows your staff to efficiently communicate between each other. This is available as part of our Advanced User feature set.

Video Mobile

YipTel’s powerful video platform also extends to your mobile devices with video calling integrated directly in to your mobile smartphone or tablet device. Learn more about YipTel Mobile.

Video Mobile

Video Voicemail

Now that we have video capabilities on the desktop and mobile devices it only makes sense to leverage those to deliver Video Voice messages. You can then retrieve these from your YipTel Client and mobile applications for a true unified communications experience.

Video ConferencingVideo Conferencing

Beyond point to point video calling are YipTel Video Conferencing services that allow you to connect to powerful video conferencing solutions for multi-site and multi-party video calling as well as conference room solutions.

Take Your Business Everywhere

YipTel is a new kind of Communications Carrier. We deliver all of your Voice, Video, and Data needs safely and reliably from the power of the cloud.

This allows your employees to communicate on desk phones, mobile devices, laptops, and softphones with Voice and Video calling virtually anytime and anywhere.

Features & Benefits:

Key Benefits

Affordable: You can purchase or use your existing VoIP Phones on our platform*, but the majority of our clients simply have YipTel provide the phones and equipment they need as part of their low monthly costs. This way the equipment is fully managed and warrantied as well as it gives our clients the ability to change equipment at any time according to their needs.

Reliable: Experience peace of mind knowing that your services with YipTel are on a fully redundant network with five nines reliability and backed up by our YipTel Service Level Agreement.

Secure: YipTel delivers optional TLS encryption to provide safe and secure communication across our network.

Investment Protection: Technologies within the communications industry change on a daily basis. By choosing a YipTel Hosted PBX solution you will protect yourself from technology obsolescence. YipTel is continually developing and implementing new technologies to assure you will have the most advanced solutions available. Our phone rental program even allows you to change the physical devices at any time that you choose.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

First: As a Carrier, YipTel can deliver a connection to your office that will provide Internet, Voice and Video communications to your business. Already have Internet? No problem. We can likely use what you already have in place – our technicians will perform a simple test to verify the connection speed.

Second: We will install your phones and software on site or ship them to you and assist remotely if you prefer.

Third: We provide personal user training as requested.

Top Features

YipTel Cloud PBX provides many features which most small business can’t afford and large business with traditional PBX system simply don’t have. The YipTel Cloud PBX provides services that help you drive your business.

Mobility Solutions

1. Mobility Solutions
Mobile applications allow your business to connect to The Corporate Cloud PBX from virtually any device in any location. Applications are available for your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Droid, Tablet, and Laptop – all delivering the power of VoIP.

2. Video Calling & Conferencing
Holding remote meetings with Video Conferencing will significantly increase your rapport and professionalism. Our Cloud Video capabilities deliver unprecedented video calling with video voicemail from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

3. Unified Messaging
Implementation of unified messaging provides text to speech transcriptions of voice mail, voice mail to email, video voice mail, electronic fax, and internal chat.

4. Desktop ApplicationsYipTel desktop client delivers presence, instant messaging, video calling, softphone, video voicemail, simultaneous ring, and much more. This client application combined with mobility will save significant time per day, per employee in improved productivity.

  Desktop Applications

5. Multi-Media Call Center
Whether you need a simple operator group or the most advanced Multi Media and Blended call center queues, your preferred VoIP package should include the right call center solution for your organization.

6. Web Administration
YipTel provides unlimited free support on our products but we also provide our clients with powerful web administration tools so that you can modify and make changes to your system from anywhere. You can easily make name changes, call routing, upload music on hold, modify your auto attendants, and much more.

7. Multi-site & Remote Worker
Cloud-fueled applications are a must. Having readily available tools such as these will connect you to your multi-site organization via remote workers over dedicated or open internet connections.

8. HD Audio Conferencing
YipTel delivers full HD Audio Conferencing and provides the moderator to add participants manually or provide passcodes to join. The Moderator can also mute, adjust individual volumes, roll call, record the conference, and much more. Mobile users can use the YipTel Conference Mobile app to generate conferences from their mobile devices.

HD Audio Conferencing


Download the YipTel Video Solutions Datasheet (PDF).