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YipTel Multi Site & Remote Workers


Multi-Site organizations can benefit by connecting their voice and data infrastructure with cloud based solutions from YipTel. When it comes to data connectivity for Internet and inter-office data transport, YipTel can connect each of your remote offices with Internet and data connections according to the specific bandwidth needs of that location. We leverage DSL, VPN, T-1, Ethernet Over Copper, Fiber and other delivery methods that we converge in the cloud to deliver a private and secure solution for voice and data communications.

Remote workers can easily be a part of the corporate voice and data infrastructure from their home or remote internet connection. Voice users can easily use physical phones, softphones or mobile applications to directly connect to YipTel for a completely integrated solution. This allows us to provide the same features and benefits to users wherever they may be. The quality of open internet calls is based upon the quality of your remote internet connection.

Multi Site & Remote Workers