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YipTel Internet and Data Services
Nationwide Connectivity - DSL, T-1, EOC, Fiber, Wireless, MPLS, VPN

Today’s business environment requires fast and reliable business Internet access. YipTel delivers Internet Speeds from 1.5 Meg to 100 Gigabit across our national network of integrated access partners.


DSL is a low cost access service that provides speeds from 1.5 Meg download to over 20 Meg. DSL is a shared access connection which means that your speeds will vary and are not guaranteed. DSL is a great low cost solution for basic internet needs.


A Dedicated T-1 delivers 1.544 Meg of dedicated bandwidth across copper wires. T-1’s are not subject to distance restrictions like EOC and thus they are widely used and deliver excellent reliability. You can also bond T-1’s for higher bandwidth applications.

Ethernet Over Copper (EOC)Ethernet Over Copper (EOC)

Ethernet Over Copper or EOC is a new technology that allows us to deliver high speed Voice and Internet data service over your existing copper wires that serves your business today. This advancement means that in many locations we can deliver speeds from 1.5 Meg up to 100 Meg. Ethernet Over Copper services are available in many areas and deliver a new high speed alternative to meet your bandwidth needs. Call us to see if EOC is available in your area.

Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic connections offer the highest speeds available and deliver the highest availability. Fiber is now available in many locations and offers speeds from 1 Meg to Gigabit +. Call us to see if Fiber is available in your location or if building fiber to your business is a possibility. We can deploy a variety of connections to your business depending on the bandwidth needs and availability of services in your area.

Business Class Wireless Internet

Business Class wireless internet is available in many areas and when it is business class it comes with guaranteed service (SLA’s) and up time. Wireless speeds are phenomenal and can range from 1meg to 1 Gigabit. We often use wireless in locations where the need for speed is great and we don’t have access to high speed wired connections.

Wireless Backup

We also highly recommend as wireless backup internet connection to our clients for redundancy and business continuity. Wireless is the perfect backup solution as it is a completely separate network. YipTel can deliver a wireless backup service for a low monthly rate that with a simple phone call can be cranked up to deliver up to 1 Gig.

Cellular Backup

Cellular backup is a great disaster recovery solution as it delivers redundant internet that does not use copper or fiber facilities in the ground that could potentially be cut. If your business is mission critical then we highly recommend a diverse Internet connection over wireless or cellular service. YipTel also offers Private Line, MPLS, VPN, and other data services: Learn More *not all services are available in all areas.

Multi Location & Private Cloud

Businesses with multiple locations need to communicate reliably and cost effectively between these locations. YipTel Cloud services provide a variety of options that allow our clients to meet these needs with unparalleled flexibility and value.


A VPN is an encrypted tunnel over the Internet so that you can provide secure communications between locations. YipTel can provide VPN services to our clients where we will fully manage the VPN equipment as well as connect VPN locations in to Private Cloud solutions.

Private Line

A private line is a direct point to point connection between offices. This connection is dedicated and does not travel over the Internet and can be provided over T-1, Fiber or EOC. Private line can be designed in a Point to Point or Hub and Spoke solution.

Private Cloud/MPLS

Private Cloud is often referred to as MPLS and is the next evolution for multisite network connectivity. Private Cloud is for organizations that want to have private connectivity to multiple locations, but also have the desire for them to communicate directly to each other as well. Hub and Spoke designs leave you vulnerable in the event that the Hub goes offline. Private Cloud provides the ability for any location to route traffic to any other location and is therefore a significantly better and more redundant design in most cases.