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YipTel Audio Conferencing Solutions


YipTel Audio Conference Calling provides small to large scale audio conferencing services that are easily managed visually from the web and via mobile devices. This delivers powerful yet simple-to-use conferencing services with the ability to mute participants, adjust volumes, disconnect attendees, record the conferences, and much more.

This visual view of the conference provides you the ability to see who has joined the call and provides you with individual control of each attendee. You can choose local and 800 numbers for your clients to call in to the bridge. Simple and reliable audio conferencing.

Audio Conferencing – How it Works

Audio Conferencing

Users can access the audio conferencing tool one of two ways.

Web Browser Login

To access the web interface, a user simply goes to, chooses the Audio Conferencing option, and logs in with their provisioned credentials. It will ask you for your Moderator and Participant Codes to log in which will have been given before hand. Upon logging in, the Moderator will have the ability to invite, manage, and review current and past calls. When you first come into the interface, the Current Call option is selected. This option allows you to manage a conference, as described in the following section.

Desktop Client Application

For those who have downloaded our desktop application, the client offers an easy-to-use dashboard that pops up from the application. You will have many of the same features and functions that are found in the web portal.

The Interface

The YipTel Audio Conferencing solution provides a feature-rich user interface for participants and moderators to utilize. The panel for each participant (including the moderator) shows the following details.

Our conferencing solutions will drastically improve communications and productivity in the office. These services are all priced and managed separately from your standard DID extension. Feel free to get in contact with a YipTel sales representative today to discuss all of your audio and video conferencing needs. If you have any questions surrounding this service, contact our team on 800-886-5369.